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Batterton Waterproofing/CTEC AG


1928 S Lincoln Ave
York NE 68467

Phone: (402) 362-5951
Fax: (402) 362-6462
Toll Free:
Contact: Mike Batterton
email: mbatterton@ctecag.com

Batterton Waterproofing has been in business since 1956 and part of the CTEC AG companies, we can provide the resources the industry demands. We are known as the 'Restoration Professionals' and strive to uphold our reputation in the quality of our workmanship. Workmanship and safety combined with the knowledge of grain elevator restoration and maintenance put us at the highest standard in the business today. Regular maintenance prevents major repairs and we will provide an estimate of your needs at no charge. The major maintenance and repairs we perform are crack repair, roofing, sandblasting, painting, sign application, mud-jacking stabilization and below grade waterproofing.