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The In-Grain newsletter contains many relevant and useful articles every month, from membership news to information about upcoming international and local GEAPS events and programs. Newsletter content is members-only.

Latest Issue - October 2015 / Volume 35, Number 10

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   Register for Exchange 2016
   EPC Meets to Discuss Exchange 2016 Programming


   Apply for the 2016 Safety Awards Program


   Call For 2016-2017 Elections


   Mark Fowler Named Head of Grain Processing Subcommittee
   GEAPS/K-State Distance Education Program Honored
   GEAPS/K-State Offer Most Courses in Program History in 2016

Chapter News

   October 2015 Chapter News
   How does attending GEAPS Exchange benefit my local chapter?

About Members

   A Great Meal Can Create a Great Turnout
   In Memoriam
   Member Profile: Melanie Aanonson
   Crystal Barker, Parrish & Heimbecker, Earns Master Credential

New Members

   October 2015 New Members