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GEAPS: Credentialing Program

GEAPS Online

bill lyster
"This program offers opportunities for professional development that have never existed before. People in our industry have taken courses, attended seminars and still do that. Often it has been useful, but in the end educational programming in grain operations has lacked continuity. This path that we are laying out will help those that are willing to show the initiative to earn credentials."
—Bill Lyster, GEAPS 2012-2013 International President
dirk maier
"This Credentialing Program provides opportunity for professional growth but requires commitment and effort. To get through it, people will have to dedicate the time to study and learn new concepts that will better prepare them to advance their careers. It will make them more effective and efficient at their jobs, and provide them with a well-earned sense of achievement. Advancing lifelong learning and professionalism are our main goals!"
—Dr. Dirk Maier, professor and head,
Kansas State University Department of
Grain Science and Industry
doug forst
"One of the main values of this program is that it offers concrete steps for learning and advancing your career in the grain industry. It provides a well-defined pathway to practical knowledge, personal achievement, industry recognition and improved chances of future success."
—Doug Forst, chairman,
GEAPS/Kansas State University Distance Education Oversight Committee

For the first time, professionals in grain handling operations and related fields can advance their careers, improve their job skills and help their employers by earning formal credentials. The GEAPS/Kansas State University Credentialing Program offers logical, structured ways to continue learning, and leads to real-world application, achievement and recognition.

The program also for the first time provides a career track in grain operations for young people considering their futures. They’ll be able to follow the track to job opportunities and rewarding, interesting careers. Companies seeking qualified young people will eventually have a new pool of prospects — motivated and educated candidates who have deliberately pursued grain operations training through the GEAPS/K-State Credentialing Program.

Credentials offered in:

Recognized by industry and academia

The Credentialing Program was developed after more than two years of deliberation by leaders at Kansas State University and GEAPS members — professionals in the grain operations industry.

For both companies and individuals

Companies utilize the program to:

  • Offer organized, real-world training to new or experienced employees
  • Improve employee knowledge and performance
  • Supplement and enhance in-house training
  • Reduce training costs
  • Foster individual initiative
  • Offer meaningful opportunities to their employees

Employees use the program to:

  • Advance their professional knowledge and job skills
  • Improve their performance at work
  • Gain recognition for achievement and initiative
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Earn college-level continuing education units

Via distance education
Credentials are obtained by completing online distance education courses developed by GEAPS and K-State. No travel is required.

Continuing education, lifelong learning
To retain credentials, participants must earn one additional Continuing Education Unit within three years from the date they became credentialed. The goal is to help keep industry professionals up to speed with innovations and changing standards, and to encourage lifelong learning.

To obtain a CEU, those holding credentials may either:

  • Complete one additional 10-hour distance education course
  • Participate in other pre-authorized educational programs, including the Exchange, GEAPS chapter programs, programs offered by other organizations, companies or universities.

Volume Discounts
Companies seeking efficient ways to train larger groups of grain operations staff through the Credentialing Program can now benefit from registration discounts by purchasing coupon blocks. Find out more about volume discounts.

The Credentials

The Credential in Grain Operations Management (CGOM)
To obtain the Credential in Grain Operations Management, students must complete the following six peer-reviewed distance education courses. The courses are:

  • GEAPS 500: Introduction to Grain Operations
  • GEAPS 510: Grain Facilities Planning and Design I
  • GEAPS 520: Grain Quality Management
  • GEAPS 530: Quality Management Systems for Bulk Materials Handling Operations
  • GEAPS 540: Safety Management for Grain and Processing Facilities
  • GEAPS 550: Materials Handling I

Twenty-one students have now earned their CGOM.

The six GCOM courses are also being offered in Spanish.  Click here for Spanish-language Credentialing Program information.

Retroactive Credit!
Students who have already completed one or more of these courses automatically receive credit toward the Credential in Grain Operations Management .

The Specialist Credentials
To obtain a Specialist Credential, students must complete the Credential in Grain Operations Management, plus the four courses required for the specialty track (ten courses total). At this time, there are three Specialist Credentials available:

Specialist in Grain Quality Management

  • GEAPS 521: Aeration System Design and Fan Operational Management
  • GEAPS 522: FGIS Grain Inspection Orientation
  • GEAPS 524: Grain Drying
  • GEAPS 525: Management of Insect Pests in Stored Grain
Nine students have completed their Specialist in Grain Quality Management.

Specialist in Grain Handling Equipment Management

  • GEAPS 551: Materials Handling II
  • GEAPS 552: Materials Handling III
  • GEAPS 554: Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance I
  • GEAPS 555: Advanced and Preventive Maintenance for Grain Facilities: Conveyance Equipment 

Four students have completed the Specialist in Grain Handling Equipment Management.

Specialist in Property and Casualty Risk Management

  • GEAPS 541: Developing an Effective Safety Culture (new in May 2014)
  • GEAPS 542: Electrical Safety for Grain Facilities
  • GEAPS 544: Preventing and Responding to Grain Dust Explosions
  • GEAPS 545: Grain Entrapment: Causes, Prevention and Rescue

Master Credential
To obtain a Master Credential, students must complete the requirements of the Credential in Grain Operations Management, plus three specialist tracks. (18 courses total).

For more information about the GEAPS/K-State Credentialing Program, contact Chuck House, GEAPS director of professional development and continuing education at (952) 928-4640; chuck@geaps.com.