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The 2014 Leadership Conference is now over.

Materials and a report from the conference will be posted soon. The pre-conference details below is for information only.

Click here to see photos from the conference.

All Aboard!

Strong chapter boards commit to learning together and seek out chances to do so. Sound like your chapter? Great. Not really? Even better. This year, the GEAPS Leadership Conference is specifically designed with chapter teams in mind. Pick two or more leaders and head to Minnesota July 22-24 for two days of growth and learning. You’ll take away new skills to enhance your personal leadership experience, too.

Schedule at a Glance

TUESDAY, July 22
12:30-6 p.m.: Leadership Workshop and Motivational Keynote
6-7:30 p.m.: Reception

7-8 a.m.: Breakfast
8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.:
Leadership Workshop (cont.)
12:30 p.m.: Lunch
1:30-5 p.m.: International Board of Directors Meeting
5:30-9 p.m.: Optional Networking Event

7-8 a.m.: Breakfast
8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.:
International Board of Directors Meeting (cont.)

Held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Bloomington, the conference will provide insight into challenges facing chapter leaders and promote the value of planning and communication as primary tools of the chapter leadership. “We have designed the program this year to adapt a leadership training that GEAPS International executive officers participate in each year to develop our bench strength as a leadership team,” said Matthew Kerrigan, GEAPS first vice president.

Facilitator William Pawlucy, founder and CEO of Association Options, will lead participants through an interactive workshop structured to create dialogue within leadership teams and help leaders to grow their working relationships with the other board members in their chapters.

Using self-discovery and self-assessment processes, leaders will identify growth opportunities and revive their understanding of the key components of successful governance, operations, and programming.

“Attending a training like this together is a great way to make sure we’re all on the same page about what’s happening and how things should work. “There’s a camaraderie you get through a shared experience like this that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Jeff Roumph, Associates Board vice president.

Travel Reimbursements Policy Change

For the past two years, GEAPS has provided travel reimbursements of up to $1,000 for chapter leaders to attend the Leadership Conference. In an ongoing effort to encourage and increase attendance, the International Executive Committee has revised its policy to make it even easier for chapter leaders to participate. Chapter leaders are no longer required to attend the International Board of Directors meeting to be eligible for reimbursement. For complete program details, click here.

Meet the Facilitator

William Pawlucy, CAE, MPA, MBNQA serves as founder and CEO of Association Options, a global management consulting firm which helps nonprofit associations in strategic planning, board training, leadership alignment, management assessments and searches and special long-term projects. Bill has almost two decades of experience working with nonprofits as a chief staff executive and a consultant. His clients include the American Dental Association, the American Epilepsy Society, the American Soybean Association and many others.

He holds a master’s degree in public administration (MPA), and is a certified association executive (CAE) and a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute graduate and faculty member (IOM). Association TRENDS magazine awarded him the Young & Aspiring Association Executive honor.

Meet the Keynote Speaker

Robin Getman did not graduate first in her class, has not written a best-selling book, and has not appeared on Oprah. What Robin has done is to help front-line service teams and emerging leaders create impact and influence with service that sells, communication that connects, and humor that helps. Robin consistently tops her clients’ lists as one of their most popular and highly rated speakers on the topics of laughter, personal leadership and the spirit of service.

Robin combines 15 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry with a broad background in theater, retail sales, special events coordination, university administration and five (gut-wrenching) performances as a stand-up comic. With humor, energy and passion, Robin ignites audiences to action making a positive, lasting difference in the workplace (and the world place).