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GEAPS 2015 Elections - Associates Candidates

GEAPS Online

Candidates for 2015-2018 Associates Board Director

ross carlsonRoss Carlson, Minneapolis
Chief Agri-Industrial Division

Mr. Ross Carlson is district manager for Chief Agri-Industrial Division, Princeton, Minn. A GEAPS member since 2002, he serves as a director on the Associates Board and is currently a member of the Membership Committee.

“With my 30 years of experience in this industry, I will bring a consistent commitment and passion to assist members in applying the knowledge they have gained from GEAPS involvement. I will help GEAPS reach out to new members who need the insight that GEAPS brings to the table.”

regan heatonRegan Heaton, Non-Chapter
SCAFCO Grain Systems

Mr. Regan Heaton is sales manager at SCAFCO Grain Systems, Spokane, Wash. A GEAPS member since 2008, he serves on the Distance Education Program Oversight Committee.

“I intend to stay involved with GEAPS and fully engaged on the Associates Board to increase the growth and awareness of this group. My career at SCAFCO is continuing to expand. I see my commitment to GEAPS as a part of my career and also a commitment to growing our organization.”

janice kantolaJanice Kantola, Michigan/So. Ontario
Argonics Inc.

Ms. Janice Kantola works in agriculture products national sales at Argonics, Inc., Gwinn, Mich. A GEAPS member since 2005, she serves as a director on the Associates Board. She is currently a member of the Marketing Oversight Committee, chair of the Membership Committee, and serves as chapter secretary.

“If elected I will be fully committed to the needs and priorities of Associate members. I will bring thoughts, ideas and all I can to the table to support and be a voice for Associate members of GEAPS, to ensure GEAPS continues to build on the needs of all members.”

eric kelleyEric Kelley, Tri-State
JMI Covers, LLC

Mr. Eric Kelley is a regional sales manager at JMI Covers, LLC, Ponchatoula, La. A GEAPS member since 2003, he has served as chapter president and on the International Board.

“I will promote GEAPS core values, educational programs and networking benefits with people in non-chapter and active chapter areas. Having served on the International Board will give me the experience needed to succeed in this position and help promote GEAPS as The Knowledge Resource of the Grain Handling Industry.”

vince marzeVince Marze, Seaway
WL Port-Land Systems, Inc.

Mr. Vince Marze is a purchasing manager at WL Port-Land Systems, Inc., Pittsburgh, Penn. A GEAPS member since 2010, he serves on the Exchange Education Programming Committee.

“My contributions as a member of the education committee, coupled with 25 years of industry experience, have strengthened my commitment to GEAPS and its goals. I would welcome the opportunity to join the Associates Board to further build upon the foundation set by others to improve as an industry association for the betterment of all members.”

bill pickellBill Pickell, Minneapolis
Lakeland Companies

Mr. Bill Pickell is vice president, general counsel at Lakeland Companies, Plymouth, Minn. A GEAPS member since 2010, he served as chapter treasurer and currently serves as chapter president. He also serves as a member of the Distance Education Program Oversight Committee and volunteers as GEAPS general counsel.

“GEAPS has elevated its position as the leading professional development association in the grain operations industry. The future holds challenges and decisions on how we build on this success. Collectively we need to develop strategies to reach our full potential. I am eager to be a part of that process.”

cheryl storchCheryl Storch, Seaway
Custom Agri Systems, Inc.

Ms. Cheryl Storch is a safety manager with Custom Agri Systems, Inc., Napoleon, Ohio. A GEAPS member since 2010, she is currently a member of the Distance Education Program Oversight Committee and serves as chapter treasurer. She also served as a member of the Quality Standards Task Force.

“Knowledge. Education. Service. These have been a part of my core values for years and are the values GEAPS was founded upon. My commitment is to uphold and build on GEAPS high standards of education through my service to our Seaway Chapter, DEPOC and to the international GEAPS community.”

greg van sickleGreg Van Sickle, North Iowa
TSGC Inc., dba Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc.

Mr. Greg Van Sickle is sales manager at Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc., Spirit Lake, Iowa. A GEAPS member since 2004, he serves as a director on the Associates Board and is currently a member of the Distance Education Program Oversight Committee (DEPOC).

“Communication and knowledge are key components in the GEAPS organization and will become even more important as technology and new generations of grain industry professionals assume their roles. My goal is to make sure communication and knowledge continue to be shared in local chapters, DEPOC courses and at the Exchange.”