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GEAPS 2014 Elections - International Candidates

GEAPS Online

Candidate for International Second Vice President

marcus nealMarcus Neal, Kansas City
Lansing Trade Group

Mr. Marcus Neal is the director of facility operations at Lansing Trade Group, Overland Park, Kan. He joined GEAPS in 1998, and has served in chapter and International leadership.

Marcus is a director on the International Board and a member of the International Executive Committee. He also serves on the Membership Committee. Marcus is 2nd vice president of the Kansas City Chapter and former Mid-Atlantic vice president. He also served in leadership on the National Grain and Feed Association Facility Design Conference Committee.

“I’m committed to being a part of and having a role in helping our GEAPS organization fulfill its mission to be The Knowledge Resource for the World of Grain Handling Industry Operations. And I believe in the coming years and decades the education, technology, and networking GEAPS provides will continue to move us toward our envisioned future.”

Candidates for 2014-2017 International Board Director

jacob elderJacob Elder, Mid-Atlantic
Perdue AgriBusiness

Mr. Jacob Elder is the manager of Perdue AgriBusiness’ Salisbury Grain Terminal in Salisbury, Md. He has been a GEAPS member since 2008, serving in chapter and International leadership.

This was Jacob’s first year as an International Board director. He also serves on the Membership Committee. He has served as director, president, and chair of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

“I strive to further the GEAPS vision of being The Knowledge Resource by helping advise chapters, when needed, to improve leadership, education and involvement. GEAPS will continue to lead agribusiness in fostering communication with our industry manufacturers and suppliers to improve facility technologies that enable us meet demand from the farming community.”

barbara groveBarbara Grove, Great Plains
Farmway Cooperative Inc

Ms. Barbara Grove is a quality systems manager at Farmway Cooperative Inc, Beloit, Kan. She has served in chapter and International leadership, and has been a GEAPS member since 2010.

Barbara serves as a member of the Exchange Educational Programming Committee. She serves as Great Plains Chapter secretary and was formerly the chapter treasurer. She has also served on several of the chapter’s committees. She also serves in leadership for the Kansas Ag Retailers Association and the Kansas Grain and Feed Association, as a program educator for their Grain Handlers Program.

“I became a member of GEAPS looking for educational opportunities. Being elected to serve on the International Board would not only allow me to proceed with my own knowledge quest but to help assure the advancement and strength of the GEAPS values for others in the industry.”

david hoffmanDavid Hoffman, Tri-State
Sunray Cooperative

Mr. David Hoffman is an elevator superintendent for Sunray Cooperative in Sunray, Texas. He has been a GEAPS member since 1996, serving in international and chapter leadership.

David is vice president of the Tri-State Chapter. He has served on various chapter planning committees. David has also served as a member of the International Board Nominations Committee.

“If elected, I will do my best to help advance the pursuit of GEAPS’ core purpose on the behalf of all members.”

ron kriegRonald Krieg, Great Plains
J.D. Heiskell and Co.

Mr. Ronald Krieg works as the Colorado operations manager for J.D. Heiskell and Co. in Platteville, Colo. He was a GEAPS member from 1975-1984 and rejoined in 2009.

“I commit to serve if elected with honesty, integrity, accountably and professionalism. I will bring a fresh set of eyes and ideas and an open and willing spirit to serve my fellow GEAPS members. Along with this I am committed to restarting a Colorado Chapter of GEAPS.”

steve myersSteve Myers, Kansas City
Bunge Milling

Mr. Steve Myers is an elevator superintendent at Bunge Milling, Atchison, Kan. He joined GEAPS in 2008 and has served in chapter leadership.

Steve is president of the Kansas City Chapter and has served as chapter board, vice president and director.

“I want to share what I have learned and help expand the reach of GEAPS’ core purpose to others in our industry. Whether you’re new to our industry or have been around a day or two, there are things we need to always be aware of and work to improve. I feel this will be a chance to make a difference, and look forward to the opportunity.”

kris smelserKris Smelser, Intermountain

Mr. Kris Smelser is the Northern Montana regional manager for MillerCoors, Power, Mont. He joined GEAPS in 2006 and has served in chapter leadership.

Kris has served as an Intermountain Chapter board director, Programming Committee chair, and as chapter vice president and president. He is past president of the Idaho Crop Improvement Association and was formerly a board member for the Montana Ag Business Association.

“If elected, I would use my knowledge and experience from working in the grain industry, and from serving on the local Intermountain Chapter board, to help advance the pursuit of GEAPS’ strategic goals.”

buzz tourangeauMark “Buzz” Tourangeau, Cornbelt
Tate & Lyle Grain Inc.

Mr. Mark “Buzz” Tourangeau is Net Work operations manager with Tate & Lyle Grain Inc., Decatur, Ill. He joined GEAPS in 1988 and has served in chapter and international leadership.

Buzz is a former GEAPS International president, and has served as International Board director, 2nd and 1st VP, and chair. He has also served on the International Executive, the International Board Nominations, the Marketing Oversight and Exchange Education Programming committees. He is a former president and Chapter Member of Distinction of the Great Plains Chapter.

“As a GEAPS member and past International president, I understand GEAPS’ core competencies and the direction we need to take to achieve our goals. The Board needs to be financially responsible to the GEAPS membership and willing to make tough decisions. We must have the vision to look to the future and changing times. If elected, I will be fully engaged and bring a broad range of experience. I will consistently ask questions and challenge the status quo. We must look forward and not be complacent. The future of GEAPS resides within each of us.”