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GEAPS 2015 Elections - International Candidates

GEAPS Online

Candidate for International Second Vice President

barb quandtBarb Quandt, Greater Iowa
West Central

Ms. Barb Quandt is the director of human resources for West Central, Ralston, Iowa. She is responsible for recruitment, employee retention, training, workers’ compensation, payroll, benefits administration and the intern program.

A GEAPS member since 2008, Barb serves as a director on the International Board and is currently a part of the International Executive Committee. She has also served on the Exchange Education Programming Committee.

“I am devoted and committed to the agriculture industry and advancing GEAPS’ core purpose on behalf of its members. I feel it is important for GEAPS to provide resources to its members on hot topics, industry challenges, new ideas and educational information.”

Candidates for 2015-2018 International Board Director

chris blairChris Blair, Greater Iowa
New Cooperative, Inc.

Mr. Chris Blair is the location manager at New Cooperative, Inc., Lohrville, Iowa. He is responsible for daily operations at the Lohrville and Rands locations. He manages 10 to 13 employees, and works closely with the budget for finances, agronomy receipts, seed and fertilizer. He is also a part of the company safety committee.

A GEAPS member since 2000, Chris serves on the Distance Education Program Oversight Committee and has served as chapter vice president.

“GEAPS leadership and continued recruiting have ensured that this industry is well-represented and well-educated for the growing needs of the agriculture world. If elected, I will use my knowledge and continuing education resources to ensure that GEAPS’ core values are carried on.”

steve myersSteve Myers, Kansas City
Bunge Milling

Mr. Steve Myers is an elevator superintendent at Bunge Milling, Atchison, Kan. He is responsible for managing and supervising a 10 million bushel food-grade facility. He makes sure all safety equipment functions properly and that personnel work in a safe manner.

A GEAPS member since 2008, Steve serves as a director on the International Board and has served as chapter vice president and president

“Ever since I got involved in GEAPS I have wanted to be a part of the organization that is a very important part of our industry. I really enjoy improving and strengthening any part of the GEAPS organization.”

robert taylorRobert Taylor, Minneapolis
Cargill Inc.

Mr. Robert Taylor is the regional operations manager at Cargill Inc., Hopkins, Minn., responsible for managing grain elevators, crop inputs and container assets in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin locations. He develops business strategy plans and provides leadership and developmental opportunities for employees in the area of operational excellence.

A GEAPS member since 1995, Robert serves as a director on the International Board, and as vice chair of the Distance Education Programming Oversight Committee. “I am committed to being active and engaged in all meetings. I will share my professional and personal experiences to ensure continuous growth within the GEAPS organization. I will continue to share best practices towards developing talent and building a safety culture that drives towards operational excellence.”