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GEAPS > Leadership Elections

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Do You Know the Next GEAPS Leaders?

They Might be Hiding in Plain Sight

nominations needed

The nominations period for the upcoming leadership elections ended on Oct. 20. Look for the slate of election candidates to be announced in December. Vacancies include three positions on the International Board of Directors, the position of International 2nd vice president and four positions on the Associates Board of Directors. These positions will become open at the GEAPS 2015 Annual Meeting to be held in conjunction with Exchange 2015 in St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 21-24.

2014-2015 International Board Nominations Committee

Chair, Mark Fedje, General Mills, Minneapolis Chapter
Ron Digby, Legacy Farmers Cooperative, Seaway
Barb Grove, Farmway Cooperative Inc, Great Plains
David Hoffman, Ag Producers Cooperative, Tri-State
Rick Krier, Western Iowa Cooperative, Siouxland
Bill Lyster, Ag Partners, Greater Iowa
Marcus Neal, Lansing Trade Group, Kansas City
Kendrick Newsome, Cargill GOSCNA, Golden Triangle
Robert Taylor, Cargill Inc, Minneapolis
Buzz Tourangeau, Tate & Lyle Grain Co, Cornbelt
David Krejci, GEAPS staff liaison

2014-2015 Associates Board Nominations Committee

Chair, Scott Chant, Safe-Grain/Maxi-Tronic Inc, Seaway
Rick Fifer, 4B Components Ltd, Cornbelt
Bob Klare, River Consulting, Gulf South
Cheryl Lansink, Comco Mfg, Siouxland
Jeff Roumph, WD Patterson Co Inc, Kansas City
Daryl Watts, RCI Safety, North Iowa
Julia Kloehn, GEAPS staff liaison

International 2nd Vice President

At least one candidate must be nominated for the office of International 2nd vice president. The person elected automatically moves up the succession ladder, serving as 2016-2017 1st vice president, 2017-2018 president and the 2018-2019 Board chair. Candidates for this position must have served at least one full year in the past five years as an International Board director or officer. They must also be able to serve as a member of the Executive Committee for 2015-2019.

Incumbent officers who will succeed to the next higher executive office are:

  • International President Jim Jundt, Pacific Ethanol Columbia LLC, Inland Empire, as International Board chair
  • 1st Vice President Matthew Kerrigan, Bunge North America, Gulf South, as president
  • 2nd Vice President Marcus Neal, Lansing Trade Group, Kansas City, as 1st vice president

International Board

Current International directors whose terms end next February with the Annual Meeting are:

  • Steve Myers, Bunge Milling, Kansas City
  • Barb Quandt, West Central, Greater Iowa
  • Robert Taylor, Cargill Inc., Minneapolis

Incumbent Regular member directors who will continue to serve on the International Board are:

  • Jacob Elder, Purdue AgriBusiness, Mid-Atlantic
  • Barb Grove, Farmway Cooperative Inc., Great Plains
  • David Marr, Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Michigan/So. Ontario
  • Kris Smelser, MillerCoors, Intermountain
  • Mark Tourangeau, Tate & Lyle Grain Inc., Cornbelt
  • Tom Winkel, MaxYield Cooperative, North Iowa

Associates Board

Four director seats will be open on the Associates Board. Current directors whose terms expire in February are as follows. All four may run for re-election, but they must be nominated to do so:

  • Ross Carlson, Chief Agri-Industrial Div., Minneapolis
  • Janice Kantola, Argonics, Michigan/So. Ontario
  • Kent Mellen, BM&M Screening Solutions, Minneapolis
  • Greg Van Sickle, TSGC, North Iowa

Incumbent Associates Board directors who will continue to serve are:

  • Rick Fifer, 4B Components Ltd., Cornbelt
  • Cheryl Lansink, Comco Mfg., Siouxland
  • Colin McClure, PMI Nebraska LLC, Greater Nebraska
  • Todd Morey, AIRLANCO, Kansas City
  • Wade Spencer, Maxi-Lift Inc., Great Plains
  • Daryl Watts, RCI Safety, North Iowa
  • Ed Zdrojewski, Grain Journal, Cornbelt
  • Darren Zink, Brock Grain Systems, Hoosier

Incumbent Associates Board officers who will continue to serve for 2015-2016 are:

  • Bob Klare, River Consulting, Gulf South, as Associates Board immediate past president
  • Jeff Roumph, WD Patterson Co. Inc., Kansas City, as Associates Board president
  • Colin McClure, PMI Nebraska Ic., Greater Nebraska, as Associates Board vice president

Did you know?

Associate members are represented on the International Board. While not elected, all officer positions on the Associates Board, president, vice president and secretary also serve on the International Board. The Associates Board president also serves on the International Executive Committee.