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Published 03/02/2011

GEAPS Names Dirk Maier Industry Leader

GEAPS International 2011-2012 President Mark Fedje, General Mills, Minneapolis Chapter, delivered the following speech on March 1 at the GEAPS Exchange 2011 President's Banquet in Portland, Ore. The Industry Leader Award is given to individuals, members and non-members, who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of operations safety, health, environmental responsibility, efficiency and stored-grain quality preservation excellence in the grain handling and processing industries.

Our next leadership service award of the evening is for Industry Leader, which, GEAPS bestows to an individual member or non-member, who has made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of grain handling industry operations in the areas of safety, health, environmental responsibility, efficiency or stored-grain quality management excellence.

This year’s Industry Leader Award recipient has led a very successful and distinguished career, during which he’s demonstrated great integrity and dedication. A GEAPS member since 1992, our new honoree has served our industry by developing and launching initiatives for attracting and developing future leaders.

In 2005, when he was Purdue University’s Associate Head of Extension Agriculture Engineering, our recipient helped GEAPS form DEPOC, the distance education program oversight committee, to assist in the development of the first distance education courses. Not long after, in 2007, our recipient became director of the GEAPS-Purdue University Learning Program. That same year, he was the recipient of the2007 NC-213 Andersons Cereals and Oilseeds Award of Excellence. NC-213 is a project team of engineers, scientists and economists from universities and government research centers that conduct research to manage quality food safety and bio-security in the world grain market, and this award was created in 1999 to recognize individuals or teams that have made superior contributions to science and/or education related to cereals and oilseeds.

Even when our award recipient was named Head of the Grain Science and Industry Department at Kansas State University, his dedication to GEAPS and the distance education program never wavered. In fact, he brought the distance education program to K-State as a method of maintaining the strategic relationship with GEAPS and to promote its continued development. Since its humble beginning in 2005, the distance education program has grown to 12 courses per year and has had over 1000 students.

Our award recipient has been, and continues to be, extremely influential in the GEAPS/K-State Distance Education program and continues to be an active DEPOC member. In addition, he is a key leader in advancing the International Center for Grain Industry Operations, a joint initiative between K-State and GEAPS to establish a comprehensive resource for the grain handling and processing industry.

GEAPS is extremely fortunate to have this individual in leadership. He is deeply committed to advancing the grain handling and processing industry, and he looks at the big picture—not just the success of his organization or his chapter, but the industry as a whole. 

I am honored to present our colleague, Dr. Dirk Maier, Kansas State University, Great Plains Chapter  with the GEAPS Industry Leader Award.