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GEAPS Recognizes 40 Year Members at Exchange 2017

Published 03/01/2017 by Tom Sedlacek

GEAPS was thrilled to recognize members who celebrated 40 consecutive years of membership during the GEAPS Celebration at GEAPS Exchange 2017. Each member received a bronze GEAPS pin to commemorate the milestone.

Jimmy Carlson, Retired, Mid-America Chapter

Alfred Dressing, Missouri Power Transmission Inc, Gateway

Fred Edmaiston, Aircon Corp, Mid-South

Dick Elliott, Retired, Kansas City

Leo Gebhart, Retired, Great Plains

David Kerwood, Retired, Greater Iowa

Dale Knapp, Retired, Cornbelt

Bill Lyster, Lyster Consulting, Greater Iowa

Robert McCarley, Retired, Mid-South

Steven McNulty, Retired, Great Plains

George Pfandler, Retired, Gateway

William Siemers, Retired, Gulf South

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