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Chapter Members of Distinction

The Chapter Member of Distinction Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership service to their GEAPS’ chapters. Whether working behind the scenes or in front of the crowd, these individuals have left a permanent mark on their chapter and inspire others to step up and lead as well.


Reggie White, Mid-Atlantic


Jacob Elder, Mid-Atlantic

Tom Winkel, North Iowa

Ray Brittingham, Mid-Atlantic

Ron Declerq, Canadian Prairies


Mike Blum, Greater Iowa

Dr. Charles R. Hurburgh Jr,Greater Iowa

Bill Lyster, Greater Iowa

Tim Robertson,Canadian Prairies

Jeff Roumph, Kansas City

Mike Wollner, North Iowa


John Rossman, Hoosier

Dean Holland , North Iowa


Scott Brittingham, Mid-Atlantic

Daryl Watts, North Iowa

James Williams, Intermountain


Van Buchanan , Great Plains

Jimmy Carlson, Mid-America

Dave Healey, Greater Nebraska

David Hoffman, Tri-State

Toivo Makila, Vancouver

Steve Myers, Kansas City

Carl Sellmyer, Cornbelt

James Simpson, Hoosier

Darren Zink, Hoosier


Andrew Heck, Mid-America

Colin McClure,Greater Nebraska

Don McKenzie, Inland Empire

Steve Queen, Seaway

Matthew Strand,Columbia River

Dan Vis, Siouxland


Scott Brittingham, Mid-Atlantic

Brandon Dills, Great Plains

Scott Helland, North Iowa

Denny Hesman, Mid-America

Dale Lock, Tri-State

David Marr, Mich./So. Ontario

Tom Pruess, Kansas City

Jim Schwarting, Inland Empire

George Suvar, Seaway


Jim Jundt, Inland Empire

Scott Kephart , Mid-Atlantic

Bill Macauley, Canadian Prairies

Daryl Watts, North Iowa


Julie Bell, Greater Iowa

Ryk DeGoey, Greater Iowa

Mark Gaunt, Greater Iowa

Bill Jefferson, Mid-Atlantic

Steve McClintock, Inland Empire

Jim Rossman, Hoosier

Greg Van Sickle, North Iowa

Benny Vanderwende, Mid-Atlantic


Bill Green, Thunder Bay

Clarence Heckert,Canadian Prairies

Rick Horpedahl, Inland Empire

Brian Kuffner, Canadian Prairies

Theron Kuhn, Mid-America

John Lee, Cornbelt

Alan Messick, Mid-Atlantic

Jay Tuggle, Mich./So. Ontatio

John Tuttle, Greater Iowa

William Steward, Mid-South

Gary Vaughn, Greater Iowa

Slav Waplak, Canadian Prairies

Alan Widaman, Intermountain

Mike Wollner, North Iowa


Eric Clements, Cornbelt

Mark Fedje, Minneapolis

Mark Herrick, Minneapolis

Tom Keigley, Inland Empire

Ken Rowan, Canadian Prairies

Ken Schmenk, Seaway

Gary Stromberg,Greater Nebraska

Buzz Tourangeau, Great Plains

Tom Winkel, North Iowa


Craig Franz, Minneapolis

Bob Marlow, Hoosier

Tom Price, Canadian Prairies

Gary Sondgeroth, Greater Iowa

Daryl Watts, North Iowa

Ed Zdrojewski, Cornbelt


Bernie Harris, Hoosier

Steve Jordan, Cornbelt

Bill Koontz, Siouxland

Brian Mallon, Thunder Bay

Bill McFee, Canadian Prairies

Steve McGuffin, Mich./So.Ontario

Mike Myrick, Hoosier


Larry Durffee, Intermountain

Roger Harris, Cornbelt

Rick Krier, Siouxland

Ben Lackey, Mid-South

Ren Lapp, Canadian Prairies

Duane Meissner, Intermountain

Brent Murray, Canadian Prairies

Norm Peterson, Intermountain

Tim Sullivan, Greater Iowa

Royle Thomson, Intermountain

Tom Wake, Intermountain

Alan Widaman, Intermountain


Rich Connell, Cornbelt

Gary Kearn, Great Plains

Kevin Danner, Greater Iowa

Colleen Johnson, Kansas City

Walter Paxson, Seaway


Rick Fifer, Cornbelt

Kevin Miles, Greater Iowa

Steve Mechling, Hoosier

Gary Novak, Minneapolis

Roger S. Terry, Mid-South

Scott Chant, Seaway


Tim Spadi, Big Sky

Ole Torlen, Canadian Prairies

John Newlin, Cornelt

Steven Small, Mid-Atlantic

Bob Jackelen, Minneapolis

Brian Mallon, Thunder Bay

Norman Goodfellow, Tri-State


Barb Selyem, Big Sky

Louis Barrack, Kansas City

Wayne Bauer, Mich./So. Ontario

Ron Classen, Minneapolis

Joe Hochstettler, Seaway


Andy Heck, Mid-America

Michael Stricker, Seaway


Mark Compton, Gateway

Eldred Ellis, Mid-America

Royce White, Mid-Atlantic

H. Nichols, Tri-State


Rodney Duhe, Gulf South

Mel Mai, Gulf South

Donna Moraz, Minneapolis

Ron Movern, Gulf South

Ray Vrtiska, Mid-America


Roger Anderson,Columbia River

Wendell Patterson, Kansas City

Bud Smith, Minneapolis

Don Kinder, Vancouver


George Chuba, Minneapolis

Al Meier, Minneapolis