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Industry Leader

The following individuals, listed alphabetically, are past GEAPS Industry Leaders.

Dan Amstutz, North American Export Grain Association (2000)

John ‘Al’ Axelson*, FWS Corp (2000)

Wayne Bauer, Retired (2017)

James Coder, Control Stuff Inc (2017)

Robert C. Frey*, Burdick Grain Co (1973)

Arvid Hawk, Cargill Inc (2007)

Charles Hurburgh, Iowa State University (2002)

George Kornstad, Retired (2015)

Burnell Kraft, ADM (2001)

Jim Layton, Shatkin Trading Co (1974)

Dirk Maier, Kansas State University (2011)

James E. Maness, Bunge Corp (1999)

Gary Olmstead, General Mills Inc (2013)

Robert W. Schoeff, Kansas State University (2001)

David Shipman, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (2009)

Pete Stallcop*, GEAPS staff (1982)

Companies reflect where the award winners worked at the time of the award. (* indicates deceased)