The Knowledge Resource for the World of Grain Handling and Processing Industry Operations


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GEAPS will announce election results at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, July 17, at GEAPS Leadership Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Barbara Grove, CGOM, Central Valley Ag Cooperative, Great Plains

Ms. Barbara Grove is quality systems manager for Central Valley Ag Cooperative, Beloit, Kansas. A GEAPS member since 2010, she has served in both International and chapter leadership. She currently serves as International Board director, Executive Committee member, Education Programming Committee member, on the task force for GEAPS Leadership Education and Networking Workshop, and Great Plains Chapter past president. She has also been a GEAPS Student Day speaker, chapter seminar speaker, KGFA speaker and volunteer with several chapter committees. Barbara also volunteers with the Grain Engulfment Safety StandUp and OSHA/NGFA Alliance Group.

“From the very first GEAPS Exchange I attended, I was enamored with GEAPS. I couldn’t believe how much education I could get in one spot! I truly believe in the development of yourself and your employees and finding the educational opportunities that will make each successful. GEAPS, as the Knowledge Resource, gives us those development paths. I volunteer for committees, both at the local and International level, because I want to help to keep the organization strong; I also want to be able to identify and reach out to others that are also looking for a way to be active. GEAPS gives our industry the avenue to connect with other companies and industry individuals to be able to reach out and help solve each other’s problems.


David Hoffman, Ag Producers Cooperative, Tri-State

Mr. David Hoffman is elevator superintendent for Ag Producers Cooperative, Sunray, Texas. A GEAPS member since 1996, he has served in both International and chapter leadership. He currently serves as International Board director, member of the task force for GEAPS Leadership Education and Networking Workshop, Tri-State Chapter president, and member of the Chapter Leader Advisory Support and Information Council.

“GEAPS is a wonderful organization that I am proud to be a part of and if I am elected I will do my very best to help GEAPS to advance the mission.”


Robert Horvat, P.E., Cargill Inc, Minneapolis

Mr. Robert Horvat is principal engineer/manufacturing technology lead for Cargill Inc, Wayzata, Minnesota. A GEAPS member since 2010, he has served in both International and chapter leadership. He currently serves as Minneapolis Chapter director and as member of the 2020 Host Advisory Council. Robert has also moderated an Exchange education session and worked as a content developer for GEAPS 546: Fighting Grain Silo Fires and Smolders.

“The grain industry needs and deserves a resource that promotes the development of grain operations professionals. GEAPS is that resource. I would like to share my experiences and knowledge to enable GEAPS to be the knowledge resource for the grain handling and processing world.

Tim Kramer, Bunge North America, Kansas City

Mr. Tim Kramer is maintenance superintendent for Bunge North America, Atchison, Kansas. A GEAPS member since 2010, he has served in chapter leadership and assisted as roundtable leader at GEAPS Student Day program.

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to GEAPS by a friend who introduced me to folks that had answers and connections to companies that made life easier and safer at our location. It was easy to become even more involved with GEAPS as Bunge was very supportive and saw the benefits of membership. After a time, I noticed people were asking me questions and being able to help fellow members battling similar issues was very rewarding.


Paul Steinlage, General Mills Inc, Kansas City

Mr. Paul Steinlage is an Operations Manager for General Mills Inc, based in Kansas City, Missouri. A GEAPS member since 2008, he has served in International leadership on the Education Programming Committee and Host Advisory Council. He has also served in IAOM chapter leadership and on NGFA’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Committee.

“As an active member for the past 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand the incredible value GEAPS has provided to my organization and industry. I am committed to providing leadership to ensure that GEAPS’ vision to be the knowledge resource for the world of grain handling and processing operation is fulfilled.”