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International Board 2nd Vice President Nominations

The candidate elected to this position moves up the succession ladder, serving as  1st vice president,  president and board chair over the next three years.


To be eligible for nomination,  candidates must:

  • Currently be a GEAPS Regular member who is willing and able to serve the next four years as an International Board officer
  • Not be employed by the same company as any other two incumbent and succeeding 2020-2021 International Board officers or directors
  • Have served at least one full year in the past five years as an International Board director or officer
  • Be willing and able to attend three Board  meetings each year – in February/March, July and January
  • Be willing and able to attend three International Executive Committee meetings each year
  • Have committed support for the expected investment of personal time and out-of-pocket expense to serve a four-year term as an officer


GEAPS 2nd Vice President Nomination

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