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International Board 2nd Vice President Qualifications

To be eligible for nomination,  candidates must:

  • Currently be a GEAPS Regular member who is willing and able if elected, to serve the next 4 years [2019-2023] as an International Board officer; and
  • Not be employed by the same company as any other 2 incumbent and succeeding [2019-20] International Board officers or directors; and
  • Have served at least 1 full year in the past 5 years [since 7/2013] as an International Board director or officer; and
  • Be willing and able to attend 3 International Board of directors meetings each year — 1 at the GEAPS Exchange; 1 at the annual summer Leadership Conference; and 1 in November at the GEAPS office [Minneapolis, MN]; and also
  • Be willing and able to attend 3 Intl Executive committee meetings each year; and
  • Have committed support for the expected investment of personal time and out-of-pocket expense to serve a 4-year [2019-2023] term as an International Board officer.


GEAPS 2nd Vice President Nomination

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