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Voting for the Associates Board of Directors is closed.

GEAPS announced election results at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, July 17, at GEAPS Leadership Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.



Brett Hansen, Sukup Manufacturing Co, North Iowa

Mr. Brent Hansen is commercial accounts manager for Sukup Manufacturing Co, Sheffield, Iowa. A GEAPS member since 2015, he has served in both International and chapter leadership. He currently serves as North Iowa Chapter president and as a member of the Chapter Leader Advisory Support and Information Council.

“My mission in GEAPS is to represent the organization as a whole and bring together the Associate and Regular members in a way that is beneficial to all people in the organization.”


Eric Kelley, JMI Covers LLC, Tri-State

Mr. Eric Kelley is sales manager for JMI Covers LLC, Amarillo, Texas. A GEAPS member since 2003, he has served in both International and chapter leadership. He currently serves as an Associates Board director.

“As a re-elected director I will continue to push forward the core value and beliefs of the GEAPS organization. I have served on both International and Associates boards and look forward to continuing my service on the Associates board as GEAPS continues to grow.”


Sean Morgan, Seedburo Equipment Co, Cornbelt

Mr. Sean Morgan is sales manager for Seedburo Equipment Co, Des Plaines, Illinois. A GEAPS member since 2014, he has served in International leadership. He currently serves as a member of the Education Programming Committee.

“I’m eager for the opportunity to serve on the GEAPS Associates Board. I have enjoyed the opportunity to organize educational sessions on the EPC and I feel that my organization, ability to dedicate myself to the task at hand and reliability would benefit the Associates Board.”


Bill Pickell, The Lakeland Companies/Control Assemblies, Minneapolis

Mr. Bill Pickell is vice president, general counsel at The Lakeland Companies/Control Assemblies in Plymouth, Minnesota. A GEAPS member since 2010, he has served in international and chapter leadership. He currently serves as GEAPS special advisor for contracts administration.

“As the GEAPS program continues to expand, we will be addressing a variety of complex governance issues that impact all members. My emphasis is on providing insight and perspective to board deliberations based on my experience and professional credentials.”