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Meeting Program Selection

The primary purpose for scheduling an educational program is to inform and educate GEAPS chapter members. Select programs carefully. While the list of possible programs is endless, keep the “mission” in mind — safe and efficient operations. Below are some program suggestions:

1. Hold special feature programs: “Bosses Night”, “Maintenance Night”, etc., with a program for their special interests.

2. Have a good mix of programs throughout the year: safety, maintenance, government, business, social, non-job subjects, etc.

3. Look to Associate members for knowledgeable and willing speakers.

4. Hold joint programs with nearby chapters or with nearby state/ regional affiliated industry associations.

5. Hold a mini trade show sponsored and conducted by chapter Associates.

6. Create a special program for a prospective member meeting.

7. Watch program length – keep members interested.

8. Keep yearly program schedule flexible to allow for “HOT” industry topics.