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Publicizing Your Meetings

Successful GEAPS chapters always seem to have high member participation at meetings, outings and social events. One of the keys to member participation and attendance is a system of timely and effective meeting notices. Meeting notices can be handled in many ways, and they should be tailored to each individual chapter and the specific program.

Listed below are some meeting notice suggestions:

1. Prepare and furnish to each member an annual calendar of meetings, outings and social events.

2. Send meeting schedule details to the GEAPS International office for publication in In-Grain at least 60 days in advance.

3. Try to have regular meetings scheduled for the same time and day each month (6:00p.m. second Tuesday, 7:00p.m. third Thursday, etc.) so members become accustomed to and anticipate the schedule.

4. Send meeting notices to each member about 10 days before the meeting. Be sure to include specific program information. Request an R.S.V.P. if needed for meal or meeting planning. Have follow-up reminder calls made by a calling committee.

5. Conduct a telephone campaign at least once a year to check on those members who have not been attending meetings.

6. Keep email, mailing and phone lists up-to-date. Utilize the GEAPS Online Membership Database to check your chapter roster whenever you need.