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Setting an Effective Meeting Agenda

One of the most important factors for a successful meeting is an appropriate agenda. The agenda describes what topics will be covered and in what order. Prepare the agenda with care. Listed below is a suggested agenda format for a GEAPS chapter meeting.

1. Social time.
2. Luncheon, or dinner (if applicable).
3. Call meeting to order.
4. Welcome and introduction of guests and new members.
5. Introduction of members. (Optional for large meetings.)
6. Business meeting

  • Reading and approval of minutes of last meeting.
  • Treasurer’s report.
  • Committee reports.
  • Unfinished old business.
  • New business.

7. Educational program

  • Introduction of guest speaker(s)/program.
  • Presentation(s)/program.
  • Question and answer period as appropriate.

8. Announcement of next meeting: time and place.
9. Adjournment.