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Chapter Recruiting Sweatshirt Program

The Chapter Recruiter Incentives Program rewards any chapter member who recruits a new member with a free GEAPS sweatshirt. As a chapter leader, the program is a great way to thank anyone who works to bring new members to your chapter and to GEAPS.

Each month, GEAPS contacts any new recruiters for their sweatshirt size preference, sending any requested sweatshirts to their chapter’s secretary.

The secretary then distributes the sweatshirts at their chapter’s next meeting and recognizes the recruiter’s efforts.

Program Rules and Information:

  • Sweatshirts are available in sizes M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.
  • Individual recruiters are eligible to receive no more than one sweatshirt per calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31).
  • Requests must come from the recruiter(s) themselves.
  • Sweatshirts must be used as rewards for members of your chapter who have recruited new members (unless purchased).
  • Requested sweatshirts are shipped to a chapter’s secretary for dispensation at chapter meetings. However, if the chapter does not have any upcoming meetings at the time — i.e., harvest, summer season, etc. — the secretary must make other arrangements to deliver the sweatshirt(s) to the recruiter(s).
  • Non-chapter members will receive their sweatshirt directly.
For questions or more information on this program, please email or call Kelly Stucki at (763) 999-4300.