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Top Five Ways to Engage and Retain GEAPS Members

1. Develop relationships

  • The key to retaining members is getting to know them

2. Suggest a volunteer opportunity

  • Once you take time to get to know them, suggest a volunteer opportunity and follow up
    — Follow-up shows you are interested in their future involvement and builds momentum to keep him or her coming back

3. Maintain momentum

  • Momentum is key to success at the chapter level
    — Build on initial interest and delegate more responsibilities to new members

4. Pair new members with dedicated members

  • Team dedicated members with new attendees to engage new and existing members

5. Use social media

  • Start the renewal process early through social media
    — Use Facebook or Twitter to remind people throughout the renewal process of GEAPS member benefits
    — Not social media savvy? Emails are a quick and easy way to contact chapter members

Additional thoughts…

  • Make a big deal about members who join or renew – it makes people feel appreciated.
  • Utilize GEAPS’ “years of service” pins to reward participants who’ve been members for 5, 10, 15, 20 years. Talk to the GEAPS staff for more information.
  • Recognize that chapter meetings can be intimidating for new members or guests. Introduce yourself and introduce new attendees to people who hold similar professional roles. Help new attendees make connections to existing members!
  • Send personal follow-ups to the person paying for the member’s dues (employer) “thanks for supporting/investing” and to the member “you made some great points at our meeting.” This outreach combats the frequent assumption that an employer is “throwing away employer money” or that no one cares about their company’s investment in GEAPS as a whole.
  • Be flexible — if the chapter is spread out geographically, move the meeting to different cities or areas so that all members have an equal opportunity to attend meetings.