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Top Five Answers to “Why should I be a GEAPS member?”

1. Opportunities for quality education

  • GEAPS Exchange
    — Extensive educational programs and hands-on expo hall pods
  • Local chapter meetings
    — Presentations from regional companies or industry professionals who are knowledgeable in a specific area
  • Distance education programs
    — High quality, flexible access to continuing education and professional development

2. Networking opportunities

  • Initiate contact with vendors for products and tools needed within the industry
  • Make new business contacts and meet potential customers
  • Compare notes with other industry professionals on what may or may not be successful, industry stories, tips, etc.
  • Interact with seasoned members and ask questions
  • Engage at the chapter level with professionals in your geographic region facing similar issues or challenges

3. Personal and professional development

  • GEAPS committees
    — Excellent opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and develop GEAPS’ programs and services, as well as your leadership skills
  • GEAPS chapters
    — A casual, engaging environment to utilize leadership skills in chapter governance, member recruitment and involvement, and event coordination

4. Loyalty

  • Your identity as a GEAPS member makes you relevant to customers and potential customers

5. Access

  • Knowledgeable resources in every area of grain industry operations are just a member away
    — All GEAPS members have access to other members through the online membership directory or the printed DirectaSource

Additional reasons…

  • Friendship and fellowship
  • Access to strategic partnerships among industry stakeholders
  • Great discounts to attend GEAPS Exchange and participate in education sessions
  • Companies value GEAPS membership among their employees
  • Chapter social events
  • Great discounts on other programs (distance education, etc.)
  • GEAPS membership displays initiative and engagement in the industry