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Leadership Criteria

Human beings are social animals, and indeed one of the first signals of advancing civilizations is the bonding together of groups of people to achieve a common goal. Behind all successful organizations is a clearly defined reason for being. The key ingredient to all of this in one word is LEADERSHIP.

Although one person can sense a need and be the initial motivator, it usually takes several people to put a plan into action. Leadership is defined as a learned behavioral skill, which includes the ability to help others to achieve their potential as individuals and team members.

The following are some significant criteria every chapter should look for when searching for individuals for leadership positions.

1. Strong interest in the chapter
2. Technically skilled
3. Motivates others
4. Serves others unselfishly
5. Flexible in thinking
6. Likes people
7. At ease among others
8. Respected
9. Enthusiastic
10. Displays confidence
11. Understanding
12. Active and dynamic
13. Consistent
14. Seeks cooperation
15. Thoughtful and considerate
16. Criticizes constructively
17. Capable of delegating
18. Firm, but fair
19. Good planner
20. Creative

A leader should provide specific instructions and closely supervise task accomplishments but also explains decisions, solicits suggestions and supports progress. At times, the leader may facilitate and support subordinate efforts and share responsibilities for decision-making with them.