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What do chapter leaders actually do?

Job descriptions of GEAPS chapter officers and leaders can vary from chapter to chapter. So can the size of a chapter’s leadership team and the titles of those in it. Below you’ll find sample officer and director duties that represent best practices for chapter management.


  • Prepares board meeting agendas
  • Presides at meetings
  • Appoints committees/task forces
  • “Controls the room”– gets members to engage, manages conflict, etc.
  • Acts as chapter spokesperson
  • Delivers a president’s annual report at the annual meeting


  • Fulfills president’s duties if president is not available
  • Often chairs the programming committee
  • Works with secretary on program communications and promotion
  • Trains for president’s position


  • Manages chapter communications and marketing
  • Utilizes the GEAPS online member database system
  • Maintains membership rolls
  • Receives roster monthly from GEAPS
  • Responsible for GEAPS reporting
  • Meeting reports (due 30 days after meeting is held)
  • Meeting schedule (due Sept. 1)
  • Election results (due June 1)


  • Is the banking contact – receives bank statements
  • Receives and disperses funds
  • Keeps record of all receipts, deposits and disbursements
  • Balances the checkbook monthly
  • Completes GEAPS Financial Report Form (due Aug. 1)
  • Delivers a treasurer’s report at the annual meeting

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (all officers and directors together)

  • Sets the chapter’s strategic direction
  • Conducts strategic planning
  • Approves the operational plan
  • Ensures necessary resources
  • Approves the budget
  • Determines adequate volunteer resources (does the chapter need a committee or task force to get work done?) and delegates work
  • Ensures leadership succession
  • Provides oversight
  • Oversees finances
  • Minimizes exposure to risk
  • Monitors chapter programs and activities