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GEAPS Chapter Election Reporting Form

  • List each position (i.e. President, Secretary, Director, etc.) as well as the name and company of each member of your chapter board of directors.
  • Report your entire chapter board roster, regardless of whether or not each position was elected this year. i.e. if your chapter has two-year staggered board terms, report those just elected as well as those beginning their second year.
  • Consult your chapter bylaws! They provide valuable information on your board terms and what positions are included in your leadership team. List only the positions defined in your bylaws.
  • Do not report any chapter committee memberships or committee chair positions. i.e. if your chapter has a programming committee, the people who serve on it do not need to be reported to Intl GEAPS.
  • Check: are all of your leaders’ members? If not, recruit them now! Only GEAPS members can be chapter leaders.

Please submit this form by June 1 each year to or fax to 763-710-5328.


Chapter Election Reporting Form

  • Leadership PositionPerson’s NameEmployer CompanyTerm Start DateTerm End Date 
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