AGI Digital

AGI Digital is a powerful suite of data-driven technologies for farm, ag retail and commercial applications. We support agriculture’s digital infrastructure to give customers unprecedented visibility, performance and control from field to bin. Better data leads to better outcomes. AGI Digital’s products activate and automate field, fleet, bin and business data so you can get more out of every acre and operation.? Our technologies — BinManager, Farmobile, SureTrack, CMC HazMon and Compass — are independent, free-standing data products and services that are fully agnostic and interoperable. ?They enable customers to remotely monitor, streamline and control operations in real-time for greater efficiency, safety and peace of mind.? With our fully customizable technology suite, customers at every stage in the value chain can make their data work for them. We are committed to delivering high quality, user-permissioned data that is portable, standardized and validated for seamless use across systems, software and supply chain partners. ?AGI launched its digital group in March of 2022. ?To learn more about AGI, visit:

8040 Bond St, Lenexa, KS 66214
Toll-Free: (855) 293-5607
Contact: Bob Reis