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Bühler Inc
PO Box 9497, Minneapolis, MN 55440

About Us

Bühler designs, engineers and builds equipment, systems and complete plants for grain handling facilities around the world. This includes bulk materials handling and storage equipment, cleaners, screeners, dryers, mechanical conveying equipment, pneumatic and mechanical ship unloaders and ship loaders. Bühler is committed to helping its customers succeed by providing them with superior quality equipment and systems governed by the philosophy of total quality management performance. This is made possible by innovation, worldwide experience and value obtained through efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


  • Material Handling Equipment
    • Bucket Elevators
    • Chain
  • Dust/Pollution Control
    • Collectors
  • Computers/Automation
    • Control Systems, Process
  • Commodity Storage/Equipment
    • Dryers,Grain
  • Design/Engineering/Construction
    • Engineering
    • Material Handling
    • Mechanical
  • Cleaning/Sorting Equipment
    • Grain Cleaners
    • Screeners, Vibrating
    • Sorters, Color
  • Processing
    • Hammer Mills
    • Roller Mills/Flakers