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About Us

Bulk loading spouts for trucks, railcars, barges, ships and stockpiling. Loading spouts with integral filters. Loading spout positioners including hopper positioners, telescopic positioning tubes, articulating loading arms and telescopic air slide positioners. Fully automated truck loading. Slide gates, diverter valves, triverter valves, curved blade valves, flow control valves. Air slide gravity conveying systems and silo withdrawal equipment including fully aerated flat bin bottoms. Pulse jet dust collectors, bin vents and mini vents using bag and pleated filters. Bulk bag filling stations, bag filling necks, multi-size bulk bag filling stations, drum and box filling equipment.


  • Commodity Storage/Equipment
    • Aeration Equipment
    • Bin Bottoms
  • Dust/Pollution Control
    • Collectors
  • Material Handling Equipment
    • Gates
    • Loaders, Unloaders
    • Spouting