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HOT Program Instructors

Bob Marlow

Bob Marlow is a 46 year veteran of the grain industry, having worked in various capacities during his career with The Andersons. During his tenure, he worked in numerous capacities,including: millwright/mechanic, plant maintenance supervisor, construction manager, facility operations manager and as a regional operations manager responsible for eight facilities in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and Texas before retiring in 2015. He is the owner of Operations Professional Services, a consulting firm in Walton, Indiana, and is a 32 year (lifetime) member of GEAPS.

He has extensive experience in all phases of facility operations, including: equipment selection and installation, facility maintenance and project management. Bob currently contributes monthly articles on grain quality and other operations topics to Grain Journal magazine, and is an instructor on both the grain elevator equipment and grain dryer modules at GEM (Grain Elevator Manager) school at Kansas State University. He has served on GEAPS’ Continuing Education Program Oversight Committee, and  and helped in the development of the HOT program.  He looks forward to the opportunity to not only teach, but share his “hands on” experience(s) with others.

Jeff Schwab (GSI Donation)

Jeff Schwab is an established grain and feed industry veteran with a combined 42 years of experience in various roles, including engineering, sales and field trouble-shooting work with three different grain industry equipment manufacturers. He is currently a product specialist for material handling products at GSI and has been the lead material handling instructor at GSI’s Service and Sales Schools for both farm and commercial material handling products. Jeff currently teaches 5 – 10 courses for dealers per year and works with dealers and industry professionals in the field troubleshooting and training on GSI/IS material handling equipment. Jeff loves teaching and is excited about the opportunity to be an instructor in the HOT Program.

Carlos Campabadal

Dr. Carlos Campabadal is a program specialist focusing in the areas of grain storage, quality management and processing and feed manufacturing for the International Grains Program at K-State. He also coordinates the Spanish-speaking outreach program, and handles teaching and research responsibilities in feed manufacturing and grain storage at K-State’s Department of Grain Science & Industry. Carlos works as a consultant in grain handling, quality and storage and in feed manufacturing in Latin America, Southeast Asia and North Africa. He is finishing his doctoral degree in agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University. His professional experience includes working as a project and maintenance engineer in the farm and feed manufacturing industry in Costa Rica.


Charles Gubser

Charles has been in the bulk material handling industry for almost 20 years. He started as a conveyor designer and estimator for an OEM specializing in in-plant, overland and portable conveyor systems in the gold and copper mining industries. He worked for several years with Emerson Power Transmission. He has been with Baldor-Dodge in Torque-Arm product marketing for the last 13 years. He conducts numerous customer and corporate training sessions and works closely with engineering and manufacturing on new product launches.

Ed LaPreze

Ed LaPreze joined Pepper Maintenance® in 2002 as a Field Technician and is currently the director of sales and marketing for North America. Prior to Pepper Maintenance, Ed was the lead man in Murphy Family Farms Nevada Missouri feed mill for 10 years. While there, he was responsible for the daily operation, automation and electrical systems at the mill. Ed has obtained certifications as a Level 2 Thermographer, Category 2 Vibration Analyst, Precision Alignment / Field Balancing Analyst and Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT).  Ed is a member of GEAPS and IAOM.  Ed’s academic studies include computer science at Western Michigan University and math/education at Central Missouri State University.  Ed resides in Missouri with his wife Kelly, has three children and five grandchildren. In his spare time, Ed enjoys golfing, fishing, hunting and spending time with his family.