The Knowledge Resource for the World of Grain Handling and Processing Industry Operations

How We Got Started

GEAPS is nearly a century old and it all got started back in 1927. Two elevator superintendents first discussed launching an organization to help them better address the challenges of running grain facilities. Three years later, in 1930, GEAPS began as the Society of Grain Superintendents (SOGES) with its first meeting in Chicago. Soon chapters formed in grain centers around the Great Lakes and across the continent.

While the challenges faced by grain operations professionals have changed since GEAPS’ inception, getting together to share ideas remains key to our mission.


Mission Statement: GEAPS is a not-for-profit international professional society dedicated to providing its members with forums to generate leadership, innovation and excellence in grain-related industry operations.

Vision: To be the knowledge resource for the world of grain handling and processing industry operation.


Information: Generate information, education and training programs to meet operations needs
Innovation: Promote operations efficiency through innovation and technology
Networking: Provide forums for networking, problem-solving and solution-sharing
Professionalism: Develop excellence in leadership and professionalism
Quality: Promote quality in grain operations
Safety and Sustainability: Encourage and enable safety, health and environmental responsibility

Core Competencies

GEAPS Knowledge Resource focus was outlined by a task force that developed a list of seven core competencies that people in the grain operations industry need to be successful in their jobs. These core competencies were identified as:

  • Grain Quality Management
  • Grain Handling Equipment Management
  • Handling Systems and Operations Technology Management
  • Facility Operations Management
  • Agri-Business Environment and Management Practice
  • Human Resources Management
  • Property and Casualty Risk Management
  • Facilities Maintenance and Design
  • Process Flow Operations


GEAPS International Bylaws
GEAPS Associate Board Bylaws