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Path to Smarter Energy: A Simple Approach to Smarter Energy

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
11:00 a.m. Central

Developing an energy program can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. EnTech Solutions’ Path to Smarter Energy is a step-by-step energy guide for organizations. It includes simple energy conservation all the way through achieving energy independence, all the while aligning with your financial, operational and environmental goals. 

The Path to Smarter Energy is a journey that can take years to decades; however, many companies are challenged with putting together a plan today. Saywer and Jay will be discussing the best ways to start your Path to Smarter Energy and what to do in the event you need to recalibrate your path. Jay will be covering energy and sustainability assessments and how these assessments give you the data to start asking the right questions. Sawyer will be discussing how you model your energy future and carbon reduction roadmap after you have captured the correct data, so you have confidence in your decisions around the energy saving and sustainability projects.

About the Speaker

Matt Sabee
Faith Technologies, Inc.

Matt Sabee is the group leader for field energy at Faith Technologies, Inc., leading the team responsible for the execution of energy efficiency, generation and storage projects.  Sabee oversees the financial performance of the team, building customer relationships and solutions, as well as overseeing strategy and vision for the team.  He also works with engineering and construction to drive continuous improvement.  Sabee is a licensed Master Electrician in multiple states and has been managing electrical construction and solutions projects for 15 years inside industrial, agricultural, commercial and data center facilities.  He completed his electrical apprenticeship with Faith Technologies, Inc. and Fox Valley Technical College.   

Jennie Schader
Faith Technologies, Inc.

Jennie Schader is a Strategic Account Leader for Faith Technologies, Inc., leading the team responsible for EnTech’s Path the Smarter Energy. Jennie is responsible for helping customers understand energy challenges, establishing goals and creating customized solutions focused on energy management, efficiency and automation. She brings 15+ years in account management, interfacing at the c-level to bring solutions that meet strategic goals and solve problem areas within their line of business. Jennie has an undergraduate degree in Communication and Marketing and Masters Degree in Organizational Management from Concordia University, St. Paul. 

Sawyer Stuckey
EnTech Solutions

As electrical engineering team leader with EnTech Solutions, Sawyer works directly with clients to find the best solutions both technically and financially for their energy wants and needs. This includes modeling multiple possible solutions for energy generation, storage, and/or management, creating a financial analysis to determine the best option. Sawyer graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics- Astronautics. He is passionate about renewable energy, electric vehicles, microgrids, space and applying efficiency everywhere in his life. In his free time, Sawyer enjoys reading and continually learning, staying active and enjoying nature with family and friends.

Jay Kaiser
Faith Technologies, Inc.

As the Energy Program Lead of the FTI, Jay is accountable for conducting thorough energy and decarbonization assessments and analyzing energy consumption patterns. He provides technical leadership for feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, and risk assessments for energy-saving initiatives, collaborating with internal project managers teams. Additionally, he develops and implements energy conservation strategies, monitoring systems, and leads training programs for technicians and engineers, driving best practices for energy conservation across FTI facilities. Jay holds a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Texas.

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