Generating Leadership, Innovation and Excellence in Grain-Related Industry Operations 

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) is an organization made up of individuals who work in the grain handling and processing industry and those that supply, advise or collaborate with the industry. GEAPS is run for and by its members. 

GEAPS provides the best networking, education and professional development for all levels of experience in the industry whether you work at a grain handling facility, a mill, a processing plant or are a supplier to the industry. By drawing on the expertise of our members to identify education and training needs for the industry, we are able to deliver programs that reflect current trends and best practices. 

New members get an exclusive introductory rate of $250 for their first year – a 30%+ savings! 

  • So, where can GEAPS help you? To start:
    • Career advancement as you learn and apply insights from GEAPS resources and events.
    • Enhance education through online training, local meetings and events.
    • Expand your network of colleagues, industry leaders and create new friendships. 
    • Meet people that can help you solve problems, expand your client base and share their experience and do what you do in your region or around the world.

That’s the power of GEAPS membership. It connects you with 26 chapters across North America. Industry leaders and experts who are only a call or a click away! 

How do our members feel about GEAPS? 

  • Engagement 
    • 85 percent of members have personally benefited from their membership 
    • 87 percent of members indicate GEAPS makes them feel more connected to the grain industry 
  • Outcomes 
    • GEAPS members are 33 percent less likely to be involved in a lost time accident than non-members 
    • 87 percent of regular members note they learned something through GEAPS that has saved their company money – at an average of $200,000 per person 

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