GEAPS Credentialing Program  

Earning credentials through GEAPS not only shows your employer you have the skills, knowledge and determination to move up in your company. When you have the credential, employers know you have the education, commitment and experience to learn new things and succeed anywhere.  

As an employer in today’s tight labor market, consider GEAPS Credentialing program another resource to train and retain your existing employees and attract the kind of workers who will work hard to meet goals. You also want potential employees to know you will have their backs, you will invest in their future and you want the best for your employees and your business. Offering, and funding the GEAPS credential track is a great way to not only train—but retain—your employees.

About the Courses  

  • Credential courses are part of the GEAPS Online Learning  Program.  
  • Each course take place online and can be completed at your own pace over five weeks.  
  • Each course is made up of a series of lectures and requires roughly 10 hours to complete.  

How Courses Can Help Your Company  

  • Identify and develop talent – build your employees’ skills and knowledge while giving them a series of deadlines to meet.  
  • If you recruit from outside the industry, courses establish a great base of knowledge for new workers.  
  • By pairing courses with your in-house training, you give your team a series of goals and milestones to reach.  

The Credential in Grain Operations Management (CGOM) Courses 

Specialist Credentials  

GEAPS also offers specialist credentials for people interested in focusing on a specific grain-operations skill area. Each of the Specialist Credentials requires four courses.  

In the past, GEAPS required learners to complete the CGOM before earning Specialist Credentials. That barrier has been removed.

Specialist in Grain Quality Management (GQM)  

Specialist in Grain Handling Equipment Management  (GHEM)  

Specialist in Property and Casualty Risk Management (PCRM) 

Master Credential in Grain Operations Management (MCGOM)  

The Master Credential in Grain Operations Management is earned by completing the CGOM and all three specialist credentials. It is the highest form of training available in the industry.  

The Credential in Grain Processing Management (CGPM)  

Your Credential Lasts Forever

A recent change at GEAPS, your CGOM credential will never expire. You no longer need to chase after CEUs to keep your credential. Once you earn it, it’s yours.

For more information on GEAPS’ credential program, please email