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Cover of May June 2024 In-Grain newsletter

May/June 2024 In-Grain

Volume : 44, Number : 3

And the Youth Shall Lead Us: Young Inventor Aims to Prevent Grain Entrapment

Voting Open for International Board of Directors

Standing Up to Save Lives

Safety Award Winners

Cover of March April 2024 issue of In-Grain

March/April 2024 In-Grain

Volume : 44, Number : 2

Get Your First Look at IBD Candidates

Employee Retention: Invest in the Team You Have

Plan to Attend GEAPS Leadership Conference

cover image of GEAPS member newsletter In-Grain

January/February 2024 In-Grain

Volume : 44, Number : 1

Join Us in Kansas City!

Meet GEAPS’ New Leader John Caupert

The People Behind Grain Entrapment Rescue Demos

Registration Open for GEAPS Leadership Conference

November/December 2023 In-Grain

Volume : 43, Number : 6

Registration is Open!

Get Involved: Industry Awards, GEAPS Leadership Opportunities & Safety Awards

Let's Go To Texas, Y'all!

Want In-Person Training? We Have That!

Cover of September/October 2023 issue of In-Grain.

September/October 2023 In-Grain

Volume : 43, Number : 5

GEAPS Keeps You Equipped

Stay Safe With GEAPS

Meet New Customers; Promote Your Company

Connections Don't Stop With Your Chapter

July/August 2023 In-Grain

Volume : 43, Number : 4

Leading the Way!

Meet Your New Board of Directors

GEAPS Leadership Conference Highlights

A Safety Star (Program) is Born!

May/June 2023 In-Grain

Volume : 43, Number : 3

How GEAPS, Power of Networking Can Save Money & Build Your Career

Register for GEAPS Leadership Conference in Portland

Standing Up to Save Lives

Thank You, Leaders!

March April In-Grain cover

March/April 2023 In-Grain

Volume : 43, Number : 2

GEAPS Exchange

Safety, Faith, Grief and Hope

Plan to Attend Leadership Conference in Portland

A New Vision & Mission for GEAPS

In-Grain January February 2023 cover image

January/February 2023 In-Grain

Volume : 43, Number : 1

New Year, New Possibilities

Join Us at GEAPS Exchange
Energy Conservation in the Grain Industry
Are You Ready to Lead?

November/December 2022 In-Grain

Volume : 42, Number : 6

Registration is Open- Join us for GEAPS Exchange in Kansas City

Take Time for Mental Health
Get Ahead With GEAPS Credentialing Program
Opportunities Abound: Safety Awards, Industry Awards & GEAPS Leadership