How We Got Started

GEAPS is nearly a century old; our seeds were planted back in 1927! Our story began when a couple of elevator superintendents got together and started talking about how an organization like GEAPS could help them better address the challenges of running grain facilities.  

In 1930, the organization now known as GEAPS began as the Society of Grain Superintendents (SOGES). Their first meeting was in Chicago, but chapters began sprouting in grain centers around the Great Lakes and across North America.  

While we face different challenges than our founders did, getting together to share ideas remains incredibly valuable.  


Mission Statement: To advance grain industry knowledge and information sharing through a network of global agriculture professionals. 

Vision: To be the Knowledge Resource for the Grain Handling and Processing Industry.


Information: Generate information, education and training programs to meet operational needs 

Innovation: Promote operations efficiency through innovation and technology 

Networking: Provide forums for networking, problem-solving and solution-sharing 

Professionalism: Develop excellence in leadership and professionalism 

Quality: Promote quality in grain operations 

Safety and Sustainability: Encourage and enable safety, health and environmental responsibility 

Core Competencies

  1. Grain Quality
  2. Facility Maintenance and Design
  3. General Industry Operations
  4. Risk Management
  5. Human Resources


(Updated April 2022)