Automation Products Inc – Dynatrol® Div

Crafted in the USA for over 65 years, Automation Products, Inc. continues to manufacture the rugged Dynatrol® line of level detectors for the feed and grain industry. Our bin level indicators are designed for a long operating life with simple installation in hoppers, bins, silos, etc. Our diverse line of Bulk Solids Level Detectors achieve excellent results in various dry applications like feed, feed additives, pet food, fillers & minerals, flakes, meal & pellets, cereals, rice, brewer’s grains, dust, soybeans, corn, seed, starch, among other fine-grain and coarse-grain applications. Contact us today for your worry-free Dynatrol® Level Detector solution!

3030 Maxroy St, Houston, TX 77008-6294
Phone: (713) 869-0361
Toll-Free: (800) 231-2062
Contact: Jeff Rommel