Magik Kleener

A MAGIK KLEENER grain cleaner contributes to the quality, safety and efficiency of your grain storage, as well as maximizing your profits by reducing dockage fees when you go to market. Additionally, you will save on operating expenses due to the gravity design which uses no electricity and has limited moving parts further contributing to low maintenance. The zig-zag design consists of multiple reversing sections creating the necessary agitation needed for efficient cleaning without outside power requirements. MAGIK KLEENER serves both farm and commercial needs for grain cleaning/screening. The easy access doors allow for quick cleaning and switching of screens for different products in only a few minutes from one convenient location. With minimal installation requirements the gravity screener may be attached to an elevator leg, wet or dry load out, an elevator head house, on top a dryer, under conveyors or inside a building. In most any location where your material flows downward, this cleaner can be installed. MAGIK KLEENERs are available in 2 styles in a variety of sizes to meet all your cleaning needs. The “Low Profile” (LP) units offer exceptional cleaning capability with a compact design making them easy to install in any set up and range in sizes from 700 BPH to 12,000 BPH. The “Standard” (STD) units offer a longer screen area. If you have a high percentage of foreign material this is the Kleener for you. The Standard units also offer exceptional cleaning capability, and are still compact. They are a taller unit because of increased screen length and more overall cleaning area and range in sizes from 15,000 BPH to 50,000 BPH.

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