Superior Grain Equipment

Superior Grain Equipment is a family-owned and -operated company based in Kindred, North Dakota that manufactures grain storage, handling and conditioning systems for commercial facilities and farm operations. Warranty: Lifetime bin roof warranty on farm bins. Lifetime bottom ring warranty on all bins. Products: Farm Bins, Commercial Bins, Hopper Bins, Mixed-Flow Under Fan Grain Dryers, Superior U-Trough Unload, Power Sweep, Herculok Floors, Low-Speed Centrifugal Fans, High-Speed Centrifugal Fans, Bin Stairs, Ladders and Platforms, Drag Chain Conveyers, Bucket Elevators, Grain Spreaders, Ground Control Remote Opener.

5069 168th Ave SE, Kindred, ND 58051
Phone: (701) 428-3853
Toll-Free: (866) 822-9145
Contact: Randy Coffee