TSGC Inc dba Tri-States Grain Conditioning Inc

Since 1982, Tri-States Grain Conditioning Inc has been providing new and innovative temperature cables and monitoring systems to the grain industry worldwide. The TSGC product line includes grain temperature cables, temperature monitors, wireless and satellite based grain monitoring, hazard monitoring, bearing and belt misalignment monitors as well as motion detection equipment. Bunkers, steel grain bins, concrete silos, wood houses, barges or caves, TSGC can custom build a system to fit any size facility or budget. TSGC is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, service and installation. Call (800)438-8367 for a free quote or for more information.

1600 Hudson Ave W, PO Box 468, Spirit Lake, IA 51360
Phone: (712) 336-0199
Toll-Free: (800) 438-8367
Contact: Martin Tubby