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GEAPS 554: Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance:  An Inside Look at Key Components

2019 course offerings:

  •  June 25 – July 30 – Registration opens May 22.

Registration is currently closed.

Course Description: This course covers the proper and safe function, monitoring, adjustments, maintenance and repair of equipment used in everyday grain facility operations. It will cover the functions, parts, components and troubleshooting of bucket elevators, drag conveyors, distributors, valving and gates. It will also touch on dust suppression and collection, power drive transmissions, screw conveyors and bin sweeps, and maintenance methodology.

Course Goals: This class aims to teach students different preventive maintenance techniques, how to troubleshoot and where to look for problems in different equipment and how to safely fix equipment used in everyday grain facilities operations.

Target Audience: GEAPS 554 is designed for people with responsibilities relating to maintenance and repair of grain-elevator equipment. It is intended for grain facility operators, people with day-to-day equipment responsibilities, elevator superintendents with physical plant responsibilities, location or regional managers with equipment oversight responsibilities, maintenance personnel or elevator workers with equipment maintenance and repair duties, millwrights, equipment suppliers and salespeople or anyone with a professional need to learn more about elevator equipment operation, maintenance and safety.