John Koorn

John Koorn has been with Laidig Systems since 1979. He spent 3 years in customer service with the balance in the sales group. John has watched the company sales volume change from being an 80% agricultural to 90% industrial. Through this change, Laidig has continually upgraded and developed new and innovated products to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

For the last 30 years, John has led Laidig’s efforts in Latin America. He’s worked with countless companies across Mexico, Central and South America to find solutions to their hard-to-handle material storage and reclaim issues.

Some of the companies John has provided equipment for are Nestle Pet Food, ADM (Oilseed extraction), Bunge (Flour Milling), Cargill (Oilseed extraction), Bachoco (Feed Milling), Contegral (Feed Milling), Foster Farms (vertically integrated poultry production), Shell Oil (water treatment), FMC (Mining) and many more.