John Lawrence, PhD, PE

AGI Digital, Lenexa, KS 

Lead Grain Researcher 

John Lawrence, PhD, PE is the lead grain researcher at AGI Digital in Lenexa, KS.  AGI Digital is  one of the subsidiary companies of Ag Growth International (AGI), Canada.  

Prior to joining AGI, Lawrence worked as research director at the Bulk Solids Innovation Center at Kansas State University, Salina, KS. At AGI, Lawrence manages a grain research lab and does research on grain storage management. He teaches grain storage management to farmers, salesmen, customer service representatives and dealers. 

His areas of expertise mainly are grain storage management, equilibrium moisture content, modeling in-bin natural air drying, finite element analysis in grain drying, handling and storage. 

He is a professional engineer (PE) and got his PhD from Purdue University. Lawrence has presented, authored and published many research papers related to grain storage management and natural air drying of grains.