Kris Tennyson

Kris Tennyson is the Director of Sales at Magnetic Products Inc. Kris leads the sales organization at MPI and has spent most of his career educating customers in a way that makes the topics “easy to understand”. He believes that “sales” doesn’t have to be a negative word, and that the real essence of “sales” is to help and educate. Kris has presented at numerous trade shows and industry events, and he has a real passion for helping customers and their organizations. 

As the industry evolves to Industry 4.0 and IoT standards, MPI is leading this evolution in magnetic separation. We recently launched the patented Intell-I-Mag®, the revolutionary next step in innovation and factory automation. It’s the first intelligent magnet to self-monitor ferrous metal saturation in real-time and log system data. Kris has been traveling to the US conducting demonstrations and educating the food industry on how to implement intelligent magnets into their facilities.