Mike Mossage

Mike Mossage is a 21 year veteran of Garner Industries and BinMaster. Mossage served as product manager for the revolutionary 3D Level Scanner and worked with large grain and ethanol operations solving the most complex inventory issues in their biggest bins. Mossage works directly with storage and  processing facilities, contractors, distributors and OEMs in the eastern US territory, helping companies from all industries make their inventory easier. He also leads the Western states and international sales teams expanding BinMaster’s global reach with innovative inventory solutions.  

Mossage is a guru of instrumentation and cloud solutions that make people’s jobs safer and easier through the application of automation and technology. He’s the guy to show you how to simplify grain inventory with sensors, software and wireless devices to make real time, accurate inventory available wherever you need it. Mike is a GEAPS member and an alumnus of University of Iowa.