Trevor Wells

Trevor Wells plays a key role in overseeing operations and fostering growth for the Agricultural Plastics Division of the Armando Alvarez Group across the United States and Canada. His professional journey took root in the dynamic spice industry and he later expanded his horizons into international sales, gaining valuable experience while living and working in Spain.  

Joining the Armando Alvarez Group in 2013 after completing a master’s degree in international trade from ENAE Business School, Wells commenced his work performing boots-on-the-ground market research in North America. His collaborative efforts and strategic insights were instrumental in the acquisition of SPR Packaging of Rockwall, Texas, where he assumed the role of flexible packaging product manager. With a commitment to teamwork and a focus on long-term growth, Wells continues to contribute to the success and development of the Agricultural Plastics Division within the Armando Alvarez Group. The Agricultural Plastics Division manufactures plastic products that serve growers with the goal of making them more efficient and effective in feeding the world, embodying a mission aligned with global agricultural productivity.