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Benefits of Resilience, Engagement, and Retention in a Fast-Paced Workplace

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Speaker: Scott Lesnick, CSP

Session Description

You will learn in this session is; 

  1. Demonstrate a greater ability to successfully lead through and navigate a culture of change 
    Recognize the challenges of staff as some transition to a more remote work environment
  2. Develop a stronger-agile vision to stay productive, engage as a leader and develop stronger relationships at all levels
  3. Discover 3 key factors that allow individuals to stress less, grow engagement and produce even during challenging times
  4. Engage change management skills, better communication skills and a stronger, more flexible staff/team
    Learn to grow, mentor and lead even during times of significant change

Meet The Speaker

Scott Lesnick

Scott Lesnick, CSP

Global Leadership Keynote Speaker

Successful Business Solutions LLC

Scott Lesnick is a sought-after global leadership keynote speaker. He presents powerful keynotes and interactive sessions at 40+ events a year and is an author. Also, Scott earned his CSP- Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. Only 12% of speakers world-wide have this designation! Scott is also a Certified Virtual Presenter. Scott recently presented at TEDx. And, he’s run the equivalent of 2X around the planet. That’s 50,000 miles! In addition, Scott spent 24 award-winning years leading sales teams at Shaw Industries a Berkshire Hathaway Fortune 500 company. Scott served as the Dean of the Academy for Professional Speakers in 2016-17. He is a graduate of The University of Miami, Florida. His memoir, “Kidjacked – A Father’s Story” and his book Lifejacked: Life Lessons on Leadership were published to critical acclaim. Keynote