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Five Ways Automation Can Enhance Your Operation

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Speakers: Royce Schulte, Gary Roberts III

Session Description

Join us for this special promotional webinar from Cadaro. Royce Schulte, COO at CADARO and Gary Roberts III, account manager at NorthWind Technical Services, will share with us five ways automation can enhance your operation. They will discuss how better measurement methods can improve accuracy, reduce operational costs and increase overall efficiency for grain handlers. 

This webinar will provide attendees with insight on the rising importance of automation in the grain industry, specifically focusing on dry materials’ flow measurement. Schulte and Roberts will also share information about how grain handlers can use automation to enhance precision while streamlining their processes. 

This webinar is brought to us by CADARO. By participating in this webinar, you are agreeing to share your contact information with CADARO. 

Join us for this special promotional webinar brought to you by:

Meet The Speakers

Royce Schulte



As COO at CADARO, Schulte guides the organization with more than three decades of agriculture sales, marketing and business development experience across North America. He assembled a team that propels the growth of CADARO, a tech firm, that offers digitally-integrated measurement solutions for grain, fertilizer, and feed processors”

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts III

Account Manager at NorthWind Technical Services

NorthWind Technical Services

Gary Roberts is an Account Manager at NorthWind Technical Services. Upon graduating with a Chemical Engineering Degree from Kansas State University, Roberts began his career with NorthWind as a Controls Engineer on the design team. While on the design team, he developed custom solutions for customers by utilizing ideal electrical components to encompass all system needs, while also adhering to stringent safety and UL standards. Leveraging his process and control system knowledge, Roberts excels as an account manager, delivering cutting-edge automation solutions to the grain handling industry.