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GEAPS Exchange 2022 – Applying Modern Fire and Explosion Protection Standards to Legacy Equipment

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Speaker: Bruce McClelland

Session Description

Owners, operators and managers will gain an up-to-date understanding of industry expectations regarding personnel safety standards, as well as methods to use for fire and explosion prevention and protection of new and legacy equipment. Attendees will learn of cost effective, technically applied, legacy equipment prevention and protection practices, providing capital equipment cost conservation. This guided-but open-presentation, will offer opportunity for attendees to get industry answers to tough questions.

Meet The Speaker

Bruce McClelland

Director of Consultancy, Explosion Protection

Fike Corporation

Bruce is the Business Development Director, Explosion Protection for Fike Corporation in Blue Springs, MO. With over 45 years in the life and property protection industry his experience includes being a past Committee Member of the NFPA 68 Venting of Deflagrations and NFPA 69 Explosion Protection Systems. Presently Bruce serves as principle committee member on National Fire Protection Standards NFPA 652, NFPA 654, NFPA 655, NFPA 91, NFPA 664, and NFPA 61. Bruce has been named as inventor / co-inventor on 5 patents pertaining to explosion protection solutions and is a current member of The National Society of Fire Protection Engineers and is NICET IV Certified in Special Hazards technologies