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GEAPS Exchange 2024: Idea Exchange

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Session Description

The Idea Exchange 2024 featured 15 participants delivering short presentations where speakers shared some of the newest and innovative products and ideas to the grain industry. The program included two segments:

“What’s New?” includes new products and services developed for grain operations during the past year.

“Small Changes….Big Impact!” highlights ideas that grain operations managers and workers put into practice to improve safety or efficiency at their facilities.

Idea Exchange Presentatons

New Product or IdeaPresenterCompany
First Ever, Rapid, Quantitative Gluten Strip Test for Grain and Milling ProductsRyan WhipkeyEnvirologix
Unique Slotted Vent Pattern for Elevator Buckets Improves EfficiencyCarl Swisher4B Components Ltd
Grain Drying Using Biomass as a Fuel Source (Triple Green Products – BioDryAir)Cameron CornelsonTriple Green Products/Norstar
Scrapetec Conveyor ComponentsKen MouritzanBLT Logistics
RAYHAWK-Reducing Risk Through Autonomous Railcar LoadingTom BoehmRAYHAWK Technologies Inc.
Reverse SweepLarry Stubbe
Max Rysdon
Sioux Steel Company
Revolutionizing Food Safety: Harnessing Chlorine Dioxide Gas ClO2 for Antimicrobial DecontaminationAlex LuceEcolab
Revolutionizing Bulk Solid Handling: Unleashing the Power of Simulation Technology and ExpertiseFábio Nathan LopesUcelo
Mechanization and Automation of Flat Storage Bunkers for Grain, Pellets, Meals and Ethanol ByproductsNicoleta AxentiMetalmont srl
OPTIFY™ by Dodge. Two new products joining the OPTIFY portfolio!Artur RdzanekDodge Industrial
SonicAire XZ-210Jordan NewtonSonicAire
Introducing CADARO Veracity and Integral flow sensorsRoyce Schulte
Dale Vinsand
Bargetender Automated Drafting SystemDave ComiskyBargetender
HPE Bingo/Jeopardy InitiativesBeth LockenAgtegra