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Near Misses — One Piece of the Safety Puzzle 

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Speaker: Barbara Grove, CGOM, GQM

Session Description

Presented by Barb Grove, the webinar offers a preview of one of the most important weeks of the year, Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week, March 25-29. The theme of this year’s event, “We all have a piece in this” is about the areas/people who make up the whole of safety Near Misses help identify hazards and situations with the potential to result in injury. A Near Miss program is like a corner puzzle piece, where everyone is engaged and shares responsibility for an injury-free work environment. Your near miss program is a great basis for developing your own Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week activities to further encourage everyone’s commitment to safety and ensuring all employees go home at the end of each workday. To help get attendees thinking about how Near Misses can benefit your Stand Up event, Grove will provide an overview of the 2024 Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week. 

Meet The Speaker

Barbara Grove, CGOM, GQM

Quality Systems Manager

Central Valley Ag Cooperative NS

Barbara  Grove is a quality systems manager at Central Valley Ag Cooperative , York, Nebraska. She has been a GEAPS member since 2010 was elected in 2014 as an International Board director. She served as the 2021-2022 International President and 2022-2023 Board Chairwoman. For 2017-2021, she served as the International Board liaison to the Exchange Educational Programming Committee and a member of the committee since 2012. Barb is a member of the Exchange Futures Committee. She served as past president of the Great Plains Chapter and is now a Director of the Mid-America Chapter.

Barb is one of the founding organizers of the Stand Up 4 Grain Safety campaign which started in 2017 and has served on an OSHA Alliance Program with GEAPS, NGFA, & GHSC since 2018. Barb is a member of the NGFA Grain Grades & Weights committee, is a member of GEAPS Foundation and is the committee chair of the USDA-AMS Grain Inspection Advisory Committee.