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Opening Session with Paul Krismer: Highlights from Day One and Goals for Day Two

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Speaker: Paul Krismer

Session Description

Paul will provide a further insight into how positive psychology provides tools to elevate your role and reputation. He shares the secret to establishing positions of power!

Meet The Speaker

Paul Krismer

Employee Engagement and Positive Psychology Expert

Paul Krismer teaches the practical application of positive emotions to achieve corporate and personal excellence.

Paul is a noted public speaker and trainer. His authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through his work. Playful and captivating storytelling complements his intelligent and accessible presentation of the science of success. His teaching is powerful, authoritative, and convincing. At the same time, Paul is exceptionally practical, providing tools that audiences and entire workforces can immediately use.

Paul Krismer has a proven track record as an inspirational leader. For over twenty five years, he has served in senior management roles—overseeing hundreds of employees, multi-million-dollar projects, and cheerfully growing future leaders. As a Certified Executive Coach, Paul is appreciated for his kind-hearted, yet the relentless pursuit of the client’s best life. Helping people to reach greater happiness and success is his trademark promise.

Paul is the best-selling author of whole Person Happiness: How to be Well in Body, Mind, and Spirit. As a teacher of cutting-edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.

Paul is a proud member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.