Risk Management

Webinar: Fall Harvest Safety… Sleep is for the Weak and Other Lies we Tell Ourselves

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Speakers: Dr. Carol Jones, PE , Dr. Kevin Moore, CSP

Session Description

Presented By: Dr. Carol Jones, PE and Dr. Kevin Moore, CSP

Feeling tired is a common challenge, especially during busy times like harvest. Unusual schedules, stress and working in hot environments only make things worse. We might tell ourselves that we will be OK or that we will catch up later, but what impact does fatigue have on worker safety and health?

Long work hours can increase our stress levels, contribute to weight gain and cause more frequent illness and on-the-job accidents that may even result in a fatality.

The webinar will also cover:

  • Factors that lead to fatigue
  • Hazards associated with fatigue
  • How to manage fatigue more effectively in the workplace

Meet The Speakers

Dr. Carol Jones, PE

Dr. Kevin Moore, CSP